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Friday, August 01, 2008

Jason? Freddie? (No, not you Freddie, The other Freddie)

Gunman opens fire on swimmers in Wisconsin
NIAGARA, Wis. - A man wearing camouflage clothing and carrying an assault rifle walked out of the woods and gunned down four young people who had gathered at a river to go swimming, killing three of them and wounding one.
Good gawd. This is right out of a cheezy horror flick.

I'm sure the anti-gun crowd will be all over this like stink on shit, concentrating on the "assault rifle" part, never even mentioning the fact that the guy is just plain fucking nuts.



Freddie said...

"One, two... Freddie's comin' for you..."

No, not this Freddie. THAT Freddie.


curmudgeon said...