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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amateur Night

New porn channel lets Canadians strut their stuff
Reuters - Mon Aug 18, 8:57 AM ET

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadians who may have become tired of being passed over as porn stars will have a new, home-grown outlet to showcase their erotic talents.
How fuckin' cool is that!?!? I think us Americans need that channel.

Of course, there could be drawbacks. For instance, just how much are they going to charge, and there is a good possibility that since they are 'average' citizens, we may not want to see them nekkid.



Anonymous said...

Mein Gott!

curmudgeon said...


SK said...

Awwwww dude.

Then again, I do feel better about myself! :)

curmudgeon said...

Yeah. Me too.