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Friday, August 01, 2008

Quote of the Day

From a random blog:
Let's see...for nearly 20 years I grew lots of pot only a block from a police station- both indoors AND outside. Sold it. Smoked it. Grew it. Bred it, hell I created my own 'bloodline' of it. Partied all the fucking time. And I completely got away with it, too. (For the record, I neither grow nor toke anymore, which is a damn shame.)

And here's some bonus lulz, because I occasionally like to think I can kill people with the sheer power of my mind when I have raging PMS:

-->my asshole former boss was struck by LIGHTNING (srsly- the dumbass was taking down a flag connected to a STEEL FUCKING CABLE on a 75' flagpole during a thunderstorm...I fucking lol'd)

-->a guy who I hated was killed while riding on his motorcycle drunk & got tboned by a semi (I fucking lol'd)

-->another guy who I hated who choked on his own vomit and died in his sleep...and I was the last person who saw him alive (this one I feel guilty about, because I almost feel like I actually killed the stupid mother fucker- but I had nothing at all to do with it)
Yeah, that's someone I want to hang with. [/sarcasm]


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