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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh Goody

So the Olympics are about to start over there in that China.

I don't envy anyone who has to participate, what with all the smog and shit over there, it would suck to have to be gasping for breath on the final lap. But oh well. They know that going over.

The Olympics has turned into a truckload of political shit any more, more than the competition itself. Which, when you look at the different 'sports' the 'athletes' are performing, well, the ancient Olympians must be turning in their graves. To wit:

-Synchronized swimming
What the fuck? Maybe if they performed nekkid like the ancient athletes did.

-Water polo
Yawn. Backyard pool game.


-Table tennis
Fucking ping pong?

-Beach vollyball
Now I like to watch the half nekkid wimmin playing it, but an Olympic event?

I used to like to play softball back in the day, but again I say, Olympic event?

Shit. I'd rather watch Brady Bunch reruns.


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