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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Man Wins Sexual Discrimination Claim Against Athletic Club

The Nevada Equal Rights Commission has determined the Las Vegas Athletic Club was discriminating when it offered free enrollment at its gyms to women and not men. But enforcing the ruling may be tough.

The man who brought this complaint against the athletic club says this ruling is a major step for civil rights and is a wake up call for all of those Strip night clubs that offer free perks for ladies. But others say the ruling probably won't hold up in court.
Yeah, let's see him try to get a membership anywhere now.

Big fucking deal! If you're a business and want to offer lower prices to someone to increase your business, that should be your option.
If you're a whiney fucking bitch of a guy not getting the same deal a girl gets, then you don't have to patronize the business. Go somewhere else.

What a fucking jerk-off. It's people like that who make the rest of us guys look bad.


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