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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Now That's An Idea

Belgian car dealer offers second car for free
Reuters - Fri Dec 5, 10:48 AM ET

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Buy one, get one free: it's a familiar sales pitch for happy-hour cocktails or last season's fashions, but now a Belgian car dealer is luring customers with just that line.
It would be cool if American dealerships started doing that too. I'd go get me a new truck, and maybe a cheap piece of shit to drive back and forth to work.
Maybe that will be in the bailout plan?



Jean said...

They've been doing 'buy one, get one free' here in Florida for months!
Ford offered one of their little cars if you bought one of their 4x4s.
This week I heard Kia is offering a free Rio with any of their SUVs.
Unfortunately, I'll be losing my job next week so it isn't the best time to add a car payment to my bills.

curmudgeon said...

Well I'll be damned. I hadn't heard that.

And - WHAT??? You're losing your job?
Sorry to hear that.

Jean said...

Yep...if not Friday this week, then early next week.
They said approximately 10 production and 10 office peeps.
For starters. Next year ain't lookin' so hot for 'em.
Sux. Such is life, at times.