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Monday, December 01, 2008


Police seek Wal-Mart shoppers who killed NY worker
Mon Dec 1, 4:58 AM ET

NEW YORK - Police are reviewing surveillance videos of a post-Thanksgiving shopper stampede that trampled a suburban Wal-Mart worker to death, but they acknowledge it may be difficult to bring criminal charges.
I hope they do find the people and bring charges against them. Bunch of fucking idiots. Good gawd. I hope you're proud of yourselves. Greedy fuckers.

This will be a holiday season to remember for sure now.

Update: Somehow, just like every other wrong in this world, we knew this tragedy was the result of yet even more failings of the Bush administration. Jon Swift points out exactly why:
After 9/11 President Bush said that the best way to defeat the terrorists was to “go shopping.” Should we now condemn those who took him at his word? If he meant what he said, then before he leaves office President Bush should issue a blanket pardon to these high-spirited consumers to head off this assault not only on Americans who were just trying to make Christmas a little better for their families in these trying economic times but on the capitalist system itself.

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