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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


...the stupidity of some people.
Authorities baffled by snowy death of little girl
You don't have to follow the link, here's the scenario:

Dad is taking the 11 year old girl the 12 year old boy to see mom on Christmas day. Dad gets the car stuck in a snowdrift, and lets the kids out to walk the remaining 10 FUCKING MILES IN 27 FUCKING DEGREE TEMPERATURES, IN THE FUCKING SNOW, to mom's house.

Eventually, with the help of his cousin - who must have been with him - he gets the car unstuck, turns around and heads home. BACK TO HIS OWN HOUSE!

The boy, somehow, after walking almost halfway to mom's house, and despite the fact he was delirious from hypothermia - thereby stripping down to his underwear - lives, is treated, and gets released from the hospital.
The girl - who walked almost halfway then turned around and started walking back to where dad was stuck, is found frozen to death, nearly buried in a snowdrift.

So I ask then, what sort of idiot would let their kids out of the car, out of their sight even, to walk 10 miles in the snow and cold? And if you were in fact, stupid enough to do such a moronic thing, who wouldn't care enough to follow the path they had taken to ensure they made it to their destination safely?
On top of that, how stupid is dad's cousin? Not just the one, but TWO supposedly responsible adults failed to ensure the safety of these two children. Unbelievable.

This dumb-ass father turned around and went home. He deserves to be convicted of murder, neglect, abuse, any other charge that can be dreamed up for this monumental act of indifference to the well being of these children.

With any luck, there is a special place in hell for fuckheads like this.



The British Bird. said...

I am lost for words. There is no excuse to keep morons like that lot alive. Least that could happen is cut off his bolocks so he cant have any more kids.

curmudgeon said...

No, let's have him walk about 10 miles in snow up to his 'blocks' and see how he fares.

Jean said...

Another waste of oxygen, brain-dead, moronic, fucktard... grrrrrr!!

curmudgeon said...


Susan as herself said...

Those people will end up in the same place as the idiots who keep their kids and pets in a locked car with the windows rolled up for several hours on a ninety degree day in July and then are "shocked" to find them dead.


curmudgeon said...

Same sort of stupidity fer sher.

Drofen said...

Things like this make my blood curdle.

Those poor kids.

I'm going to leave it at that to spare everyone the foul language.

Anonymous said...

Not good.

curmudgeon said...

No need to spare the foul language here. :)


Jim - PRS said...

Some people should not procreate.

curmudgeon said...

There should be an I.Q. test.