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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

Yup, we got dumped on yesterday. Damn that Global Warming™.

People going home from work early, schools closed today, flights canceled, some roads out of town closed, a fair mess.
Yes, roads are closed. We don't have snow plows here any more than you northerners have swimming pool maintenance trucks.

The National Weather Service - which is located fairly low in the valley - recorded an official snow fall of 3.6 inches. We had about 5 altogether, and some parts of the valley about 5 miles from me had about 8 inches.
We set a record for snowfall for the month of December. The last time we had anywhere near this much was back in 1979.

Pics? You want pics? Here ya' go.

My truck after I got home last night:

The front yard:

The plum tree drooping with the wet, sloppy snow:

The rose bushes aren't liking it much either:

The street view.
What's unique about this picture, is I took it at around 6:30 with no flash. The sky should have been way dark, but because of all the cloud cover, it was way bright outside:

The house this morning:

The yard:

A picture from the news:



Jim H. said...

HAHAHHAHAHA,,,Its raining here.

curmudgeon said...

Oh darn. :)

Jean said...

ahem...it's about 78 here.

Did you have snowball fights??

curmudgeon said...

Of course! :)

Jinglebob said...

As the song goes, "Welcome to my world. Won't you come on in? Miracles my friend, still happen now and then. "

I'd go find the people singing "White Christmas" and kick their ass! LOL

Want to come borrow my team so you can feed your cows? LOL

curmudgeon said...

I could use it to get to work!