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Monday, December 15, 2008

End Of Year Post

The idea here is to post the first sentence from the first post of the first day of the month, each month this year. Now since I start the day with a "Spam Subject...", I won't post the first spam subject of every month, I'll just skip to the next actual post.

So here goes:
I am disgusted the gods position absolution for themselves because it is their technology conducting this evil upon the disfavored.

Because You Needed To Know
I guess.
Ah, that's the spot: Why scratching brings relief
Mark was bitching about how cluttered my blog was, so as a favor to everyone I reckon, I cleaned the shit up.

I have a handful of regular readers. And I really like you all stopping by here now and then. But occasionally, I get a brand new reader. One who stumbles randomly across this piece of shit using search engines. What brings people to my humble home? Well, phrases like this for example:

Score Another One For The Good Guys
U.S. air strike kills al Qaeda boss in Somalia

Quote of the Day
"Gods don't kill people.
People with Gods kill people."
Caveat emptor
(Latin: “let the buyer beware”), in the law of commercial transactions, principle that the buyer purchases at his own risk in the absence of an express warranty in the contract.

Jason? Freddie? (No, not you Freddie, The other Freddie)
Gunman opens fire on swimmers in Wisconsin


Quote of the Day
"Now I do not wish any ill will upon anyone. I just think that it is rather convenient for George to conjure up this hurricane, just in time to hike up gas prices for Labor Day weekend. Isn't that typical of Bush? Charging people more money for gas to evacuate a global warming created storm?"

Ride The Seesaw
If you've passed by this blog any time in the last couple years, you pretty much know by now who I like or dislike to be elected president.
Fine. Whatever. That's me.

What A Pile Of Shit
So as you may have noticed, I've been off the air for a few days.

Nothing major, I've been working on a project at my job and the final phase of the project was installing it in another state. So I left town Tuesday morning, did what needed doin', and got back today.


Merry Christmas

Obama announces Clinton, Gates for Cabinet

Well, there you go. My year in a nutshell.
May next year be as entertaining.


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