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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Damn That Global Warming™

Extreme Alaska cold grounds planes, disables cars

JUNEAU, Alaska – Ted Johnson planned on using a set of logs to a build a cabin in Alaska's interior. Instead he'll burn some of them to stay warm.

Extreme temperatures — in Johnson's case about 60 below zero — call for extreme measures in a statewide cold snap so frigid that temperatures have grounded planes, disabled cars, frozen water pipes and even canceled several championship cross country ski races.

Alaskans are accustomed to subzero temperatures but the prolonged conditions have folks wondering what's going on with winter less than a month old.
Yes, Algore. Tell me more. Tell me all about the greenhouse effect and how we're all going to die...




Miss Sassy said...

maybe if we let some people die of 'natural causes' or aids or cancer or bird flu or if it weren't a sin to admit some babies aren't meant to make it to 5 years old, we wouldn't have enough people to grow up and take worldwide Stop Ruining The Planet I'm An Environmentalist Let Me Tell You How book/movie tours in their personal jet and we could leave this return to the ice age for our grandkids. ??

curmudgeon said...

Hmmm. Now that's a thought!

Welcome back by the way!

GUYK said...

I lioved in the Alaska Interior about 25 miles from Fairbanks back in the early 80's...40 below was common and there were always days of 60 below...the problem is not so much staying warm is it is trying to keep a vehicle running...or just starting!

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I lived in the high mountains of western Wyoming growing up. We had to plug our cars in many a night.