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Monday, January 26, 2009

Rap Sucz

Well, here I go again. Another post about music. Really though, this post is not so much about music, but more about rap. Even more specifically, rappers.

Seems every time I make a post about music and musicians, or rap and rappers, I get called to the carpet. Well, so be it. If you don't like my commentary, don't bother posting a comment letting me know how uninformed or stupid I am, or how I don't understand what it's all about because rap sucks, rappers are a bunch of talentless, racist hacks, or because a a particular musician or entertainer I thinks sucks or is ugly. Just shut the fuck up and move along. I've heard it all before.

So the background is that I got wind of some shit the fucknut Jay-Z was yammering on about from Mrs. Curmudgeon as we were enjoying a dinner out. She mentioned that she had watched a Bill O'Reilly show last week there he and Dennis Miller - wait a minute. Mrs. Curmudgeon watching Bill O'Reilly? Blow me down matey. She always shakes her head when I mention anything I've watched on O'Reilly's show.

Anyway, she mentioned she that was watching O'Reilly interview Dennis Miller last week and they were discussing some of the racist shit the idiots Jay-Z (wtf?) and Young Jeezy (again, wtf?) had been spouting off at the inaugural ball.

Now notice I said this was on O'Reilly's show, which is of course, on the Fox network. There was no mention of it that I know of on any of the other major networks. Why do you suppose that is?

I snagged these quotes from other sources, so they may be misaligned or disjointed, but you get the drift:
Young Jeezy:"I know ya'll thanking a lot of people right now...I want to thank two people. I want to thank the motherfucker overseas that threw two shoes at George Bush, and I want to thank the motherfuckers who helped them move they shit up out the White House. Get it moving bitch! My president is motherfucking black!"

Jay-Z: "My president is black, in fact he's half white/So even in a racist mind he's half right/If you've got a racist mind it's alright/My president is black, but his house is all white!"

"Never thought I'd say this shit, baby I'm good. you can keep your pussy because I don't want no more Bush. No more war. No more Iraq. No more white lies, my president is black"
Nice. You rap fans have yourself some real role models there.

And these fuckers call us crackers racists? Now that's fucking funny.
Yeah, It's a real honor to be a racist drug dealer. A real honor to glamorize "the 'hood". Poverty, drugs, gang violence, filth and unlimited children on "The Man's" dime.

Good for you, you rappin', hip-hoppin' fucks. You made it to the big time. You have a career, unlike the people whose lives you ruined by selling them the drugs that made the money that got you your start in life.

But you Obama, I never heard a rebuttal from you. If in fact you and your following are not racist, why did you allow this bullshit ease on by without any denouncement from your staff?

Let's say that next election, a white man gets elected. Let's say that oh, Ted Nugent gets on stage and says something like "No more black lies! My president is white again!" Does anyone believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, ... even fucking Pravda, wouldn't go totally apeshit and rip 'The Nuge' a new asshole?
Damn right they would. They would make it perfectly clear how big of a gun-totin' white racist he was, and from that point on he wouldn't make it through another day without round the clock Secret Service protection and a new identity.

Yeah, racism still abounds, but I don't hear it coming from whitey any more.


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