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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Back!


Well, that's where I was anyway.
A bunch of us make an annual trip up to Utah to go ice fishing. Maybe I'll get some pictures put up on here some day, but in the meantime, we had a good time.
Not a lot of fish caught, but plenty of socializing and card playing at the end of the day.

So I guess today's the big day, huh? Obamm-bamm gets put in office, the city of Washington D.C. is a cluster fuck, and the news on teevee seems to care more about what his wife will be wearing to the big inauguration ball than what the new prez will be doing in office. But I guess they only report on what the majority of sheeple in America want to hear.
Yes, history is being made. A muslim in office, a fag choir singing a hallelujah, and it looks like the lying, cheating, two-faced bitch will be the secretary of state.

Oh yes. It should be a fucking wonderful four years.

Democratic Party



Miss Sassy said...

is that Zoolander's ride?

hey, we had him campaign for 2 years or some crap, right? haven't we heard enough about what he plans to do? I'm thrilled he can finally sit in the chair and get called a liar and a disappointment like every other guy who campaigned for goods congress wouldn't let him implement. And if the wife gets some attention called on her for dressing like a LADY, well, maybe she can teach Hilary something?

Anonymous said...

You said it. I've been trying very hard this evening not to think about Obama and all that trash in the White House.I saw on the news where his staff was running from office to office in the White House, clapping their little hands in glee. It was nauseating.

curmudgeon said...

Everyone lies to GET there. Now what?
Teach Hillary something - BWAH!!!

Yeah, they probably pried all the "W"'s off the keyboards too.