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Friday, January 02, 2009

It's That Time of the Year

Fark's 2008 Headline of the Year Contest

Headline of the Year: Five killed and dozens injured in perfume factory fire. EAU DE HUMANITY
(submitter: Toshiro Mifune's Letter Opener)

Runner-up: "Spam King" sentenced to 47 months of having his inbox filled with unsolicited male
(submitter: slim pickens)

Sports tab Headline of the Year: After hours of squealing and grunting, a sweaty Maria Sharapova finally licks Ana Ivanovic Down Under
(submitter: I_Approve_Of_This_Message)

Runner-up: One armed swimmer nearly completes swimming the English Channel until someone waves at him
(submitter: daveinaz)

Geek tab Headline of the Year: Scientists create rubber that repairs itself. Your parents wish they had had this
(submitter: GoGoGo)

Runner-up: Three steps to get drugs out of your drinking water. Cool, but what do we do with all the leftover water?
(submitter: time2sow)

Showbiz tab Headline of the Year: George Takei to marry long term partner. Wedding planner sets phasers to stunning
(submitter: Taleya)

Runner-up: Queen guitarist Brian May completes his doctoral thesis in astrophysics, proving link between rotation of the Earth and human females with ample gluteal regions
(submitter: Cordwainer Deathbird)

Politics tab Headline of the Year: "Obama tax plan will retard growth, job creation" as opposed to Palin's plan of job growth and retard creation
(submitter: Schadenfreude ist die schoenste Freude)

Runner-up: Alaska's black population says he has felt ignored by Palin
(submitter: cfffffgagffacfacfacfacfacccccfcaaffff)

Business tab Headline of the Year: Toyota recalls 90,000 of 90,001 Highlanders for obvious reason
(submitter: NetOwl)

Runner-up: Blind CEO first to lead blind organization. The only things he can't do are A) drive a car, B) fly an airplane and C)
(submitter: Sique)

Pun/Wordplay Headline of the Year: Harsh winters drive away all but heartiest birds. Won't somebody please think of the chilled wren?
(submitter: wegro froestu)

Runner-up: Man dies in monkey attack as primates tear him into rhesus pieces
(submitter: 40below)
They crack me the hell up, they do.



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It is indeed a strange world.

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