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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spam Subject of the Day

"Ride her like a cowboy"
That reminds me of a joke:

Q- What is "rodeo sex"?
A- As you're screwing her doggie style, call out someone else's name and see if you can hang on for eight seconds.



Jean said...


wv: rebooki

curmudgeon said...

Mrs Curmudgeon doesn't think much of that joke.

sk said...

I'm bettin' you wouldn't last for 2seconds, much less eight :)

curmudgeon said...

I was going to disagree with you, then I thought that you're probably right. :)

Miss Sassy said...

trying to think of the equivelent of wondering if you called out someone else's name when you discover the absolute shreds your back is in... or trying to recall if you were jumped by a racoon... racoon sex?

wv - wammi

curmudgeon said...

Interesting thought...