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Thursday, January 08, 2009

WAAAAA!!!! [glub] [glub] [glub]

Wash. teen charged with drowning newborn in toilet

Wed Jan 7, 9:34 PM ETSent 343 times

PORT ANGELES, Wash. - A 16-year-old girl suspected of drowning an infant boy in a toilet and throwing the body in the trash was charged with murder Wednesday.
Well, at least the sick bitch won't be collecting extra welfare for the kid.

This begs the question then. Which costs the taxpayer less; paying for her welfare check or three hots and a cot?



Miss Sassy said...

I was wondering if you'd heard about the Arizona warden who has his prisoners in pink garb, living in tents, working on chain gangs on CCC type work, and "recently" (cuz who knows how long the email has been passin around) took over the Humane Society work and cut the budget for it by 5/6ths???
I'd say, if this chick lived in AZ, the cot would be less =)

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I heard about it.
You could be right.