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Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Good Job, Men"

That's some good police work there:
Poker aficionados watching SC Texas Hold 'em case
As the cards flew during a night in April 2006, a half-dozen police officers burst into the home, seizing several thousand dollars in cash and a small amount of marijuana. They ticketed Chimento and about 20 other players for breaking the conservative state's 200-year-old prohibition on games of chance.
Nice to know the authorities are keeping us safe from the bad guys.



Anonymous said...

I wonder about this too. Up here, we spend thousands and thousands of dollars so the Sheriff's department can fly around and look in peoples back yards from their helicopter, to see if anybody has any pot in the garden. But they won't use the same helicopters to look for Mexicans that break into peoples homes, or rob stores by the road. They say it is "different appropriations."


curmudgeon said...

Of course. Makes sense to me!