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Monday, January 26, 2009

Teachers, Where Is Your God Union Now?

A Stark Warning
The Saturday rally marked the one-year anniversary of the announcement that the diocese would not recognize the teachers union as a collective bargaining unit. The diocese instead created an employee relations program to address wages, benefits and other similar issues.

House Bill 26 would allow lay teachers and employees at religious schools to decide by a majority vote if they want to be represented by a union. Unions in religious schools could then bring grievances to the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board — which currently has no jurisdiction over workplace issues in parochial schools.
Teachers' salaries suck. I do feel bad for anyone so committed they are willing to condemn themselves to a life of a sub-level salary for the benefit of their students. They have my respect.
As compared to other occupations with the same level of degree required, teachers are the lowest paid people in the country. And unions have fixed this, how?

Yeah, maybe they help with grievances and whatnot which aren't salary related, but if I were to ever think about getting into a career in education, I would definitely be looking for a superintendent job or somesuch. Something with a decent salary.



Anonymous said...

My wife makes about $45,000 a year teaching. She works 190 days a year, and gets good benefits. For North Georgia, that isn't so bad. When I was teaching, I told them I didn't want to join the union the first year I taught. And the Union lady said "well, by law you have to carry 1 million dollars worth of liability insurance, so try getting that anywhere other than through us." I was in PAGE for three years, then I couldn't stomach teaching anymore and bailed.

curmudgeon said...

Well, I dunno what the cost of living there is compared to here, but I know a couple teachers here and their salaries suck.
I'm glad your wife is in a better situation though. Makes it a bit easier for her to keep at it I'm sure.

SK said...

Teachers, like cops, traditionally settle for a lesser salary because they are 'public servants'. People tend to forget that. My family is full of teachers, cops, and fire fighters so I do know what their salaries are, and all of them probably deserve better pay IMO. BUT where I get really pissed off is that in recent years they couldn't find enough teachers, so our most liberal states waived certain requirements....like the degrees that all other teachers I know had to receive. One of my family members decided to switch careers, so she moved to Portland and became a teacher. She has none of the certs my sister has to have, after many years of teaching in AZ. AND she makes better money.

curmudgeon said...

Gee. And you would think that a higher demand would equate to higher pay.
Take nurses for example. They are in high demand so many of them get sign-on bonuses and have fairly decent benefits. And, they make tons more money.
The kicker is, a lot of them work 3 twelve hour days, so they can work three days at one hospital, then 3 days at another. Which money-wise is very good. Patient care wise, not so much.