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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blonde. James Blonde

Angry Bond Fans Threaten to Boycott Film - AP

A group of James Bond fans have launched a Web site http://www.craignotbond.com, to protest British actor Daniel Craig replacing Pierce Brosnan in the 007 film franchise, and boycott the upcoming Bond movie "Casino Royale."
I can't blame them either. Sorry, this ain't no James Bond:

These are:

Sean Connery is a little old for the part, but I think they could have figgered out a better choice than Craig. He just doesn't fit in.

Oh well. I guess he was cheap.

Update: Peggasus squawked at me for even suggesting Roger Moore was a good James Bond, and also suggested guys should stick to rating the 'Bond Girls' and leave the determination of who would make a good Bond up to the girls.

So okay then, fine. Here's my pick:

Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova (aka "XXX")in "The Spy Who Love Me"

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Curmudgeon Aloona Lana


Peggasus said...

How about you guys stick to rating the Bond Girls and leave the men to us?

Roger Moore sucked rocks. Worst Bond EVER. I hated him. Besides Connery, I quite liked Timothy Dalton.

That guy looks just fine to me. Give him a chance.

Nobody ever wanted anyone else after Sean, remember?


curmudgeon said...

Oh you...you...poopyhead!!!

Roger Moore was my favorite. And not because of his looks. I don't look at guys. But they must have a look about them. And blondie there don't.

As for the Bond Girls, I always had a thing for Barbara Bach. :)

Jean said...

I hate all Bond movies..... but this guy looks a drunk druggie!

curmudgeon said...

Maybe it's a (mostly) guy thing. But I agree with you.