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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


AT&T Sued Over U.S. Wiretapping Program
PC World - Wed Feb 1, 9:00 AM ET

Company is accused of collaborating with an NSA program to intercept Internet and telephone communications.

Oh fer gawd's sake.

These morons can't get Bush to admit he was wrong doing this (which he wasn't), so they go after any company who may have had anything remotely at all to do with it. Thus ensuring any future actions will be reconsidered once, twice, thrice or even 87 ways from Sunday before consideration by any non-government entity.


But the idiots suing are from San Francisco so I wouldn't expect anything different.


Miss Sassy said...

OK, did you ever live in Cali and you had some horrific experience and so you continually have to bag on us whenever you can??
Or am I just standing up for us because when you've always been on the crazy team, you have loyalty?

Patty said...

Well I think it is stupid to sue. I mean give me a break. Deserves a Stella award.

curmudgeon said...

It's nothing like that. Pure coincidence.
I would be bagging on Cindy or the idiots suing ATT even if they were from LV. And I would even point out how stupid some LV'ans can be. Take senator Harry Reid. That useless fuck is from my home state, and good gawd. He's causing as much trouble as McCain.

It's just that it seems like nowadays when something really idiotic is going on, a lot of times it's someone from CA doing it. And even more often from SanFran.

It seems everyone wants to 'get rich quick', so they just keep dreaming up new ways to sue, passing it off as trying to do good.
We have lawyers to thank for that shit I guess.