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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Funny

This kid name Bobby joined the paratroops, which thrilled his Dad! Every other day the Father would call him for news of his progress. The first time, he asked, "Did you jump yet, Bobby?"

Bobby says, "No, Dad, they just have us sliding down a wire and dropping into water!"

The second time the Father asked him again, "Jump yet?"

Bobby said, "No Dad, they have us jumping off a small tower to teach us how to drop and roll!"

Two days later the Father again called him again, "Jump yet?"

Bobby says, "We finally went up in a plane today, Dad!"

Father: "Did you jump?"

Bobby, "Well, when we got over the drop zone, we all stood and the back of the plane opened up!"

Father: "You jumped?"

Bobby: "Well when the green light comes on, and all the troops ran out the back!"

Dad: "Great! You jumped!"

Bobby: "No, I was scared Dad, so I grabbed the bulkhead and wouldn't let go!"

Dad: "Then what? "

Bobby: "Well, this real big drill sergeant took out his penis, and said, "Anything still on this plane in 10 seconds is gonna get this up the ass!"

Dad: "Geeez! So you jumped?"

Bobby: "Well----just a little--- at first!"

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