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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A New One On Me

DEA says Colombians hid heroin in puppies

Thu Feb 2, 6:25 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Colombian drug dealers smuggled heroin into the United States by surgically implanting the powerful drug into puppies, the Drug Enforcement Administration said on Wednesday.

Among the methods used to transport the drugs were human couriers, who swallowed heroin packets, as well as the Labrador Retriever puppies. In one planned shipment, six puppies were found impregnated with three 6.6 lb of liquid heroin packets.

DEA spokeswoman Erin McKenzie-Mulvey said that in January 2005, DEA officers and police in Colombia found six puppies with scars on their bellies at a makeshift veterinarian clinic on a rural property.

Ultrasound scans revealed the heroin hidden inside the young dogs, three of which later died of infection. Another four puppies were found with no drugs inside them, she said.

That's nice.
I guess people here keep buying it, so they have to get it here somehow.

Here's a picture of the criminals:

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curmudgeon said...

I figgered as much. I though maybe you were trying to be all PC on me and not do any damn cussin'. :)