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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That Had To Hurt

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Gets Good Seat at Speech
AP - Tue Jan 31, 10:50 PM ET

WASHINGTON - First lady Laura Bush's guests at her husband's annual address to Congress certainly were diverse. One, in fact, wasn't even human.

Hey Cindy! How does that feel!
A military dog from Iraq got a better seat than you!
And got to see the entire speech!


Miss Sassy said...

did the dog fall asleep during the speach?????
I would LOVE that!!!!!
Who thinks its appropriate to bring a dog to one of these official things? Really screams at the importance of it if they are filling seats (front row even) with animals, dontcha think? I mean with all the award shows going on, you'd think they could find some extras somewhere!!

Oh wait, I'm from S. CA, maybe its just here where thats easy =)

Patty said...

I think it was great and I for one would rather sit by the dog than the lady that is only there to ho attention.......

curmudgeon said...

The dog probably got more out of the speech than a lot of people there.
But. . .I think the dog's trainer should have been there instead if it was that important.

I agree completely.
At least the dog won't make an ass out of itself.