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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Home State Morons

So after all the slamming I've done on some people from California, it sounds like there are some real winners right here in Nevada. (Pronounced Na-va-duh - where the 'a' in 'va' is pronounced like the 'a' in bat, cat, hat,... not like 'ah' as in hot, bought, or caught.)

Evidently, during the miss U.S.A. competition, Miss Nevada was asked if she supported the Yucca Mountain project. When she replied she did, she was then asked what if people died because of it?
"We just have to take one for the team,"
Now I'll go along with her on her statement that it is the best built facility, and I guess I don't really mind the waste going to Yucca mountain. However, that was a real stupid thing for a Nevada representative to say. She has also gotten a bunch of nasty phone messages because of it. Serves her right.

But then, she left Nevada to further her education: "a lyrical dancer who attends Orange Coast College near Los Angeles,"
That could explain some things. :)

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