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Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh, And Did I Mention My Adventure Friday?

I have an issue with my left eye. I know, so what?
Well, I'm telling you anyway. 'Cause I don't have anything exciting to blog about.

[Weirdity alert]

We all have two tear ducts near the corners of our eyes which converge and drain into the sinus cavity. Hence, the runny nose when the eyes tear up.

For quite a few months, my eye has been teary. It's always moist to where I have to wipe it constantly, and on occasion, it even gets infected. Very annoying. So I finally went to the doctor friday to get it checked out. Oh yeah. That was interesting.

First of all, the numbing drops. Everyone I'm sure, has had the pleasure of novacaine. Fine in the jaw to get teeth worked on, but think about your eyelids and eyeball being numb. Weird sensation.
The doctor did this in preparation for sending some water down my tear duct. Out comes a syringe with a long, straight, skinny, pointy thing on the end. No, it wasn't a needle, according to the doctor, but it sure looked like one. I was't all that excited about having my tear duct roto-rooted, but I figgered I would just have to go along for the ride.

Now if you've ever looked closely in the mirror at your tear duct, it doen't add up to much. A tiny slit you can barely even see. The doctor didn't have any trouble seeing it. He pokes this long, skinny thing attached to the syringe in in there, starts threading it around like he's crocheting a doily, and tells me to let him know if I feel water on the back of my throat. Now comes the water. All of a sudden I felt this cool sensation under my eyelid, a swelling effect, and water coming out the tear duct in my upper eyelid. None down my throat.

So I have a clog in the canal between the tear duct and the sinus cavity. I get to go see another specialist type doctor. I wonder what sort of tools he has in his toolbox?


Peggasus said...

Huh. Babies often have blocked tearducts when they are born, but it usually clears up a few days after birth.

I've never heard of an adult having one, so it must be said....


curmudgeon said...

Gee, thanx.

Jean said...

Might want to see if the next doctor will knock you out..... rest assured, that his tools will be worse than the first!....sorry.

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure they will be.
As long as it don't pain me. I can handle weird or gross, but I don't like pain. It hurts.