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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pokeback Mountain - Again

From CNN.com:
Did you hear the one about 'Brokeback'?
Feb 7, 2006

But Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, says he's sick of it: 'It may be funny, but there is a real element of homophobia. It's making jabs about sex between gay men.'
Thee Matt? That'th where you're jutht tho wrong.
Typical "You don't underthtand it, tho you're afraid of it" bullthit. Or, they athume that thinthe we don't like it, it'th becauthe it potheth a threat to our mathculinity. Again, bullthit.

Oh shit! Was I lisping? Damn!

Chickenshit asshole. Wake up and smell the Aqua Velva. Yours isn't the only theory out there.

I don't think homosexuality is right. At all. But I'm not homophobic. I ain't afraid gays, I ain't afraid of all of a sudden turning queer just from being around queers, or watching a movie about queers.

I think it sucks that the entertainment industry is so out of ideas they're going for shock value and remakes. The shit coming from the teevee and movie screen is getting worse all the time. But yet the prices keep going up. I used to like going to movies. But I'll avoid it every chance I get now.
The movies suck, the theatres are small, the snacks are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced, the movies suck, the kids talk and run around acting obnoxious, and did I mention the movies suck?

What could possibly compel me to go to a G.D. movie?
Oh. That's right. "What time does it start, dear?"

Well, you and the girls enjoy yourselves.

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