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Friday, October 13, 2006

Fuck Off Friday

Okay, I've decided to start a new tradition around here. And I'm going to call it "Fuck Off Friday".

In my industry, Fuck Off Friday - or FOF - is usually reserved for deadwork. In other words, there's work to be done, but no major system changes or installs are made the day before the weekend. Why? Because invariably, something unforeseen goes wrong and you spend your weekend - or at least a portion of it - fixing it. This is something I don't like to do.

But in my little semi-anonymous corner of the blog world, FOF will be akin to the "Steaming Pile Of Shit" awards I tend to dish out. It will be little passive-aggressive way of letting someone know my opinion of them.

So with that, here is the first installment of "Fuck Off Friday":
Streisand fans tell the star to shut up and sing

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Some of Barbra Streisand's fans have some advice for the diva as she makes a rare U.S. tour -- shut up and sing.
Good advice. These people are paying good money to listen to your songs. Not your opinion.

So Babs, FUCK OFF!

Oh, and happy friggin' Friday the 13th!


Anonymous said...

Political views aside...I think she should be told to fuck off simply becasue she believes she has talent, when she actuallyhas none. ;)


curmudgeon said...

Well, there is that too...

Anonymous said...

Love your name. Join me on the verandah for a drink.. I'm liking this Fuck Off Friday!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

You know, it is a point here, yeah.
I was a singer in the ~80's ... I remember one time on stage, I wanted the audience to come with i the refrain,when one called up: "We came to listen to you sing, not to sing by ourself." I ubderstood imidiately...never did that again, because what he said was true. And they have paid for it.

curmudgeon said...

Island Spice,
Thanks for the invitation! I'll be right there. :)

Too bad more entertainers don't realize that.

GUYK said...

Fridays be bad but Wednesdays be worse..scheduling a new project on a Wednesday will fuck up both weekends

curmudgeon said...

Very true.