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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh Really?

One-third of Americans abuse alcohol: survey

2 hours, 47 minutes ago

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Nearly one in three Americans abuse or become dependent on alcohol over the course of their lives, and most never seek treatment, according to a study published on Monday.
No surprise there. Count me in.

Anyway, speaking of alcohol abuse - all you greenies, thanks:
Der Spiegel Online reports that a 2006 barley shortage will raise the wholesale price of German beer this May. Many brewing industry lobbyists attribute the price rise to farmers forgoing barley for corn in order to satisfy the global demand for biofuels, especially from the United States. In the past year, the price of barley has doubled on the German market, from €200 to €400 per ton.
Yup. Since farmers are growing more corn instead of barley here in the U.S. too, beer prices are going to be going up all over.

Just what we need. And it isn't just the cost of barley. Not only are fucking tweekers are stealing kegs and turning them in to recyclers, some people would rather just recycle them and skip their deposit:
Beer makers losing money on missing kegs

The theft problem is twofold, he said. Some average keg-buying customers opt to forgo their deposits, which can sometimes range from $10 to $30, because they can cover that expense, and then some, if they sell to scrap dealers.

He could not say how much kegs go for, because prices change locally. But given prices metal trading prices in the past year, a keg could fetch from $15 to $55 or more at scrap yards.
Once again, pass the cost on to us beer drinkers.

And on top of that, check this shit:
Everyone shows ID for beer in Tenn.

AP - Sat Jun 30, 11:36 PM ET Sent 597 times

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Comer Wilson hasn't had to show his ID to buy beer in a while. Maybe it's the 66-year-old man's long white beard. Starting Sunday, gray hair won't be good enough. Wilson and everyone else will be required to show identification before buying beer in Tennessee stores — no matter how old the buyer appears.
How fucking stupid.

I don't don't have a problem with cashiers I.D.-ing someone who looks say, 30 or less. But come one now. If you're too stupid to be able to tell if someone who is obviously legal age - like 60, you shouldn't be working there.

Fucking nannies.



SK said...

They have to do the same crap in DC because of all the young military guys. It is ridiculous!!

curmudgeon said...

More nannies.
I've seen shit like this though. It was either the bar in the Phoenix airport or Boston, I forget now, but I actually watched a guy get i.d.'d who was at LEAST 75. Fucking bullshit.

Anonymous said...

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