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Monday, July 30, 2007

Was This A Peek Into The Future?

I always like to watch Red Skelton's show. He was a hoot. But I don't recall seeing this little skit.

Anyway, we need more politicians to think this way:
Red Skelton's "Pledge of Allegiance" was first introduced on the Red Skelton Show on January 14, 1969. It has since been twice read into the congressional record of The United States and has received numerous awards.

Watch the whole. The last couple sentences hit you right between the eyes.

Here's the link if it doesn't show up proper.



Jean said...

I was a senior in high school when he did this the first time (be nice!).... it was a tear-jerker EVERY time. Always loved this man!

curmudgeon said...

I...uuuhhh...I won't say a thing.
Hmmm. You're about the same age as my older brother.

Anyway, yes. I always liked his show. Even though I was a bit too young to understand some of it.

Jean said...

I'm sure your older brother is a fine man! Very wise, etc. :)

curmudgeon said...

Oh, I'm sure. ;)