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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

From The DUH Files - Again

No fucking shit:
Women drawn to men with muscles

Reuters - Tue Jul 10, 8:46 AM ET

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Muscular young men are likely to have more sex partners than their less-chiseled peers, researchers at the University of California Los Angeles said on Monday.
Yes, and smoking causes cancer, diet and excersise help you lose weight, and the sky is blue.

Another worthless fucking study. Can't these idiots come up with anything better to spend their time and our money on than researching obvious shit? Good gawd.



GUYK said...

Maybe but ain't it strage how those skinny ugly mothergfukkas and the fat fucks with wads of money always seem to have all they want?

curmudgeon said...

Well, there's someone for everyone I suppose.

Deb said...

I need to know WHY I wasn't invited in on the research.

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure it's just because you don't live near UCLA.

SK said...

I've also heard that there is one muscle that's more important that the others. My study was done on the cheap...in a bar...near Nellis :)

SK said...

THAN the others. shit.

curmudgeon said...

Oh yes. The arm muscle is very important for raising that cocktail.