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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Speaking Of Libtard Media

You remember those shootings at the mall last week, right? How about the Virginia Tech shootings? Columbine? All idiots who wanted to do themselves in anyway, but still ended up taking innocent people with them.

Guns are of course, banned at all those locations, so 'sane' people who would possibly carry a gun around legally aren't supposed to have them in any of those places.

Well, unlike those, the shootings that took place at the mall in Salt Lake City and the churches in Colorado were stopped - or at least the killing limited by people who [GASP!!!] themselves were armed.

Those people were carrying G-U-N-S you say?!?!

Why yes, yes they were!

In the Colorado incident, an armed security guard was on duty at the church. (Sad armed guards need to be in a church, but that's for another day).
In the Salt Lake mall shooting, the killer was stopped by an off duty police officer who went against the grain and carried his weapon inside the mall.

Why that evil, gun-toting bastard!!!

He exchanged shots with the fucker and kept him entertained until more cops showed up.

So I guess my point is that these were armed citizens who happened to be in the right place at the right time. And they weren't on a phone calling 9-1-1, they were busy saving lives with their guns.

Funny how that point isn't made in the media.



The British Bird. said...

more people would have been killed had there not been anyone packing.

You are right, people are reduced to running around in circles in panic, trying to find a cell signal to call for help.

Anyone who is NOT a retard is going to use the gun as your supposed to and properly store it when its not being used. Ted Nugent did a great article, or rant it was more like, asking questions like, what has happened to our balls? Things like that.
Teds article is on the cnn webpage, just google, ted nugent, recent article on shootings, and up it will come.

yes there are some people who have no desire to own a weapon, thats fine. Odds are it seems we are more and more likely to find ourselves in situations like the recent shootings as more and more sicko' get the idea. My point is do not take that right to own a weapon away from those who wish to defend ourselves.

curmudgeon said...


I'll take a look at Ted's article. I like the guy.

The British Bird. said...

yeah, teds got some testicles. He tells it like it is.