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Friday, December 28, 2007

Stupid Fuck

Allentown man leaves to avoid jeers for suing boy skier -- themorningcall.com:

DENVER | - People upset over an Allentown man who sued an 8-year-old boy and his father over a ski collision have subjected him and his wife to ''an electronic tar and feathering,'' their lawyer said.

David Pfahler and Marlene Ambrogio left their West End Allentown home for the holidays because angry people tied up their phone lines with repeated, automated calls since news reports of the lawsuit, attorney Jim Chalat said Monday.

Some sent angry e-mails and calls to Chalat's Denver law firm, while others called Reader's Digest, where Pfahler works, and demanded he be fired, the Rocky Mountain News reported.
I think this story is a hoot! Does this make you feel better there asshole? Big man, eh?
Look. You go skiing and accidents happen.

But on the other hand, who needs health insurance when you have a good lawyer? Why pay your hospital bills or turn them in to your insurance? Just sue everyone to get them paid.

Next thing you know, people will be suing their co-workers for bringing the flu to work and passing it around.



Palm Springs Savant said...

say, come to think of it, I DID get my cold from a co-worker!!! Know a good lawyer for me?

sheesh what is it with people these days huh?

curmudgeon said...