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Thursday, December 06, 2007

From The "Get A Life" Department

Moonstruck flock to Arizona light collector

By Tim Gaynor Wed Dec 5, 9:12 AM ET

THREE POINTS, Arizona (Reuters) - Financial advisor Jaron Ness stands in the cool desert air waiting for the clouds to clear and the moon to rise.

As the conditions come into alignment, he steps into the path of a cool blaze of blue-white light bounced off a wall of highly polished parabolic mirrors five stories high.

"It feels magnetic," he says, turning his hands slowly in the reflected glow of the light from the almost full moon.

The young professional from Colorado is among a growing number of curious people beating a path to this patch of scrub-strewn land out in the Arizona desert to bask in light from the world's first moonbeam collector.
Yeah, right. You need to ease up on the wacky tabaccy there "Sunflower", "Rainbow", or whatever your parents called you as they sat around the coffee table in their bean-bag chairs listening to Zeppelin while sipping bong water and munching granola.

You may have convinced yourself that standing in front of a big mirror is therapeutic, but I'm guessing it has about as much effect on your physiology as Jupiter aligning with the seventh cusp of a Mars eclipse during the Saturnian tidal wave of Aquarius rising.



SK said...

Good gawd I wish they'd pick a different state! Far, far away....

curmudgeon said...

No shit. You'd think it was California or maybe Washington.