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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ride The Seesaw

If you've passed by this blog any time in the last couple years, you pretty much know by now who I like or dislike to be elected president.
Fine. Whatever. That's me.

But if you are still up in the air as to who you think should be the next president, or are unsure what they purport to stand for at the core, go take this little ABC News poll and see if your beliefs are similar to theirs:
Match-o-Matic II
I screwed up and reset the page before saving my final tally for y'all to see, but let's just say O'bamm-bamm took a flying leap at the end.

All I do ask is that you go and exercise your hard won right to choose. Get your ass out and vote!



Anonymous said...

But, how can that be????? I mean, Hillary is a woman. Kind of. Anatomically, anyway.... I think.

curmudgeon said...

Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Now that I ponder on it, I think you are right!

curmudgeon said...

I guess the only way to know for sure would be to see pictures. And we definitely don't want that!

So I'll just keep on believing...

Anonymous said...

No. I couldn't handle that. Some of the pictures on Dudley's blog cause me nightmares as it is.