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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roadkill Grill

Restaurant closed after dead deer found in kitchen

Mon Oct 27, 9:04 pm ET

HAMBURG, N.Y. – Health officials shut down a suburban Buffalo restaurant after an inspector found employees butchering a dead deer inside the business. Erie County Health Department officials said they got a tip Friday about a dead deer in the China King restaurant in the town of Hamburg, just south of Buffalo.

An inspector soon arrived and saw the deer being butchered in the kitchen.

State health laws prohibit butchering an animal inside a restaurant.

Officials don't know whether the deer had been killed by a hunter or a vehicle. They said there was no indication the deer meat was served to any customers.

The message on the restaurant's answering machine Monday says it was closed because of "family emergencies."
Big deal. A little deer meat in some chinese food? Sounds good to me.
Bambi Bok Choy? Sweet and sour Stag? Egg fu fawn?
Mmmmmm. My mouth waters.

I'm guessing that if you eat chinese on a regular basis, you have probably had a taste of practically every living creature on this planet at some time anyway. What's one more critter added to the mix?



GUYK said...

well, the cats were probably feeling safer

curmudgeon said...

They've already been eaten. That's why they were cutting up Bambi.

Anonymous said...

I saw a picture on a blog once, it was the marque of a chinese restaurant, and under the name of the place it said "no, we have not seen your cat."

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure they get that on a regular basis!