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Thursday, October 09, 2008

"You're On!"

The swords have been drawn, the gauntlet thrown, the weapons chosen, and tonight is the night it is going down.

Crab, that is. Lots and lots of delicious crab.

Mrs. Curmudgeon informed me last night that a co-worker and friend of ours stated that she could outdo anyone when it comes to scarfing down crab legs. Mrs. Curmudgeon - with that "My daddy can whoop your daddy" air about her, said "You don't know my husband when he's eating crab legs. He's a machine."

So with me none the wiser, the challenge was cast forth and accepted, and there I was, smack dab in the middle of the foray.

No prob. After being informed of the events which transpired, with me of course being the sport I am and not wanting to let the Mrs. down, I accepted the challenge.
And to "T" I say, "BAH! Bring it on!" Surely, I can eat more crab legs than a girl!

So I will report back tomorrow on which of us ends up the victor, and reigns atop the mountain of crab carcasses.



GUYK said...

well, I like Spam..but I prefer crab legs

curmudgeon said...

It will do in a pinch, but hopefully not too often.

Jean said...

Crab legs...with melted butter.
almost orgasm worthy.

Anonymous said...

But what if this is some gargantuan chick, a veritable female Jaba the Hut? Then you'll be up against it.

curmudgeon said...

It was. It was.

Naw, it's someone we know well.
Not larger by any stretch.