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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fuck 'Em

Not again: FAA stops military flight over Hudson
Mon May 11, 7:56 PM ET

NEW YORK - The Federal Aviation Administration turned down a U.S. Navy request to fly a patrol aircraft past Manhattan on Monday, two weeks after a nerve-racking Air Force photo shoot over the Statue of Liberty caused a brief panic.

[NYC mayor]Bloomberg said it was his understanding that the flight was for "some Navy guy who was retiring after many years of service, and they wanted him to take one last flyby."

A Navy spokeswoman, Cmdr. Pauline Storum, said at least 25 such P-3 flights have been flown through New York City's airspace since 2001.

"This was a routine training event," she said, adding that it was not related to anyone retiring.
Good on you there, FAA.

No need to stir up more shit.
And the fact that there is obviously a typical lack of communication makes it even better.

Fuck 'em. Let 'em notify people before they pull that shit. This 'leaders' of this country are doing their best to turn it into a police state as it is. They need to held accountable.


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