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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What The Fuck?

Oklahoma City pharmacist who shot would-be teen robber is charged with murder

By Associated Press

2:43 PM CDT, May 27, 2009
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma City pharmacist who shot and killed a 16-year-old would-be robber has been charged with first-degree murder.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said Wednesday that 57-year-old Jerome Ersland was justified in shooting Antwun Parker once in the head on May 19. But Prater says Ersland went too far when he shot Parker five more times in the abdomen while Parker lay unconscious on the floor.

Ersland's attorney — Irven Box — says Ersland was protecting himself and two women inside the pharmacy.

Prater showed a security video in which two men burst into the pharmacy and one being shot. Ersland is seen chasing the second man outside before returning, walking past Parker to get a second gun then going back to Parker and opening fire.
Wait a minute. They're not charging him for murder after he shot the kid in the head, only after pumping him full of lead after he was already shot?

I could see them charging the guy for desecrating a corpse or some shit, but murder? He shot the kid in the head and the kid deserved it. After being shot in the head though, I'm guessing the kid was already dead. How can you murder someone who was already dead? How could they prove he wasn't?

This case should be tossed anyway. The little bastards tried to rob him. Robbery means they had a weapon. The dude was totally justified in shooting the fuckers. Too bad he didn't get both of them.



Hammer said...

It always pays to make sure they're dead.

This needs to be thrown out big time.

curmudgeon said...

I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Killing the dead doesn't sound like ti should be illegal. Kinda morbid though.

curmudgeon said...

Maybe he just needed the practice.

Jim H. said...

((&^%&% and *(^@%^#**@@!!!! then *(*@&(# @(! *#_(!_(&#_!*#&... and thats all i have to say about that.

curmudgeon said...



Anonymous said...

I just saw the video on the news. Two guys with guns tried to rob him. The video does not, according the the news, show whether the robber was moving or not when the pharmacist unloaded on him. The "victim" if out of the view of the camera.

The prosecution is leaning on the tired idea that the perpetrator was somehow a victim.

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure it was all society's fault.
After all, being only 16, he's one of "The Children™".