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Friday, May 01, 2009

In Russia, Motorcycle Ride You

Five-drunk-men-on-one-motorbike stunt ends in death

27 Apr, 01:47 PM

A motorcycle being ridden by five drunken men crashed into the wall of a building in Russian town Byisk, South Siberia. Three of the men were thrown through a window into the apartment of an 81-year-old woman. One of them died at the scene as a result of a head injury, Russian website Regions.ru reports.

The company of five drunken friends had been driving around the town on an old Russian Ural motorbike without a side-car on Saturday night. Towards morning‎, at about 4.00 Moscow time, the driver failed to follow a curve in the road and the bike crashed into the wall of a building. Three of men were thrown into the apartment through a window. The 19-year-old driver hit his head against a door and died inside the apartment as a result of a head injury. The other four men are currently in hospital where doctors say their conditions are serious but stable.

A 25-year-old passenger has a spinal fracture and head injury. The other passengers suffered laceration to the arms, head, neck and back.

The doctors also provided assistance to the 81-year-old owner of the apartment who suffered a heart attack as a result of the fright.

The investigators have not yet established how five adult men managed to ride together on a single bike.
Now THAT'S funny.
Get good and liquored up, throw your friends on the back, and go riding.
Crash into a building and scare the fuck out of the old man living there, while putting you and your friends in the hospital or grave.

And people laugh when rednecks in America do stupid shit like this.


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