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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Weekend In Review

So how was y'all's weekend?

Mine was good. We all went to our little slice of heaven in the mountains. We got rain, sun, hail, you name it; and the fishing sucked but the company was good.

Yesterday coming home the traffic was of course, nothing but pure shit, but that's to be expected on a long weekend. Especially, the deadliest traffic weekend of the year. The time may have been better spent making a huge banner stating my opinion of the current idiot in the White House...

See, our house is sort of under the approach path to the airport, whenever I'm in an airplane getting ready to land, I always look for our house. It's fairly easy to spot if you know where it is.
And the reason for all this? Well, the Teleprompter of the United States is coming to town today to raise money for the Asshole Speaker of the House, Harry Reid. He will be landing at our fair airport, and unless the weather causes Air Force One to change its approach path, they will cruise right past our house. A large enough banner would be easily spotted from the port window of the airplane.

Oh well. Maybe I'll just have to sit on the front stoop with a cold one and have my middle finger at the ready instead, while I think of all the people who fought and died for our country so this asshole and his comrades could come along and fuck it all up.

So here's to you Mr. T.O.T.U.S. Man:



Anonymous said...

Brother, I am so sorry to say that I know that you are out of range using any of the rifles you own.

I will cry for you.


PS: This is not the time to fly to Vegas and have a party!

curmudgeon said...

Besides, the fucker got here early, so I totally missed out.

Traffic within a 2 mile radius of the airport was fucked up for hours though.