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Monday, November 15, 2004

Brew Update

Maybe I'll be loosened up enough to get the brew transferred and bottled tonight.  I invested in a Tap-A-Draft system and am kinda stoked about giving it a try.
One batch is a AHS Wheat Stout from Austin Home Brew Supply, and it is ready to bottle.  Dark, dark, dark.  The light from the 6 volt flashlight cannot permeate the darkness.
The other is an amber ale, also from Austin.  It is looking quite goodly.
So, the stout is ready to bottle, and the amber is ready to transfer to the secondary fermenter.  I'll not go into details here, but homebrewers know from whence I speak. 
Anyway, since I have the Tap-A-Draft, I don't have to clean, remove labels, sanitize.... about 50 twelve ounce bottles.  I have the four 1.5 litre TAD bottles for each batch, and maybe six 12 oz'ers for any leftovers that don't fit into the big bottles.  Much easier. 
The stout should be ready to sample around a week or so after turkey day, and the amber a couple weeks after that.
Stay tuned....

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