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Monday, November 15, 2004

Mondays suck

I used to not mind mondays much. 
My job is not one of manual labor, and is relatively slow paced.  Unless some emergency comes up or there is some unexpected deadline to meet, I do my developement with genereally speaking, sufficient time to get things completed without a lot of pressure. 
So after working around the house doing miscellaneous chores, working in the workshop or even helping someone else with some sort of arduous chore on the weekends, it's usually a respite to get back to work and take it (physically) easy.
Today I'm in pain.  Ugh. 
There were a few of us who went up north (~385 miles) to help my brother move.  After living in his house for around 10 years, and keeping true to the family tradition of being a packrat, he had plenty of shit to move.  Well, the move went quite well as there were plenty of hands helping and plenty of vehicles and equipment to get it all loaded in one trip.  I was a little stiff the next day but still ready to go ahead and do things if needed.
But it was time to come home, and after the roughly six hours we spent in the truck diriving, I stiffened up like a rigored rattler. 
Is it 4:00 yet?  Where's my Motrin?

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