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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ted Nugent weeps?

I think that if you want to hunt, and are able to hunt, then you hunt.
You buy a rifle and whatever other equipment you need, you wander around the area looking for your game, dodge bullets from other idiot hunters, then when you locate your game you take it.
You also USE it. You don't leave the meat laying there to rot and mount the head on the wall, you either consume it yourself or you give to someone who will.
What you don't do is sit at your computer and shoot one by remote control.
I read a story today on Yahoo! (I won't bother with the link) where some moron wants to set up a web site where you can shoot animals using your computer. A sort of remote control which, using a mounted rifle and a camera, enables the user to locate and shoot an animal via the web. A person on the property will then gather the animal and either have it sent to you after processing or send it to a charity.
Now the biggest issues I have with this are:
First, get off your lazy ass. Exception: Someone who is physically unable to hunt. But that's a whole 'nuther critter we'll get to later.
Second, I believe in a clean kill. You shouldn't be out there blasting away if you don't know what you're doing. You should be capable of taking one shot and either downing the game on the spot, or critically wounding it enough to where it will not suffer. Under no circumstances should you be a poor enough hunter you wound an animal and lose it when it bolts. Don't tell me a remote control rifle and camera are going to be precise enough to be the equivelant of a hunter who spends many days and hundreds of rounds at the target range, I know better.
Third, what expendible sucker are they going to hire to be anywhere near the gun when some moron sitting at a computer miles away is in control of the sights? I wouldn't want to be anywhere within 5 miles of that contraption.
Now for the exception of someone who's physically unable to hunt. Chances are, there aren't that many incapacitated people who are really interested in hunting and are unable to buy a ticket to one of the other many game farms or reserves where they could gain access. If they can't get out of their house at all, buy a video game. It would have about as much of the thrill of the chase anyway, and the game could be taken by someone who is interested in the actual hunt.

Update: Now if we were to mount said units on some sort of mobile device and send it by remote through the streets of Iraq....

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