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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Brew update

That was cool. I did the bottling/kegging last night, and also transferred the amber to the secondary.
First, the Tap-A-Draft jugs sure made it a lot easier to 'bottle' the batch. Instead of ~50 bottles to take care of and cap, I had 3 jugs. There was a little left over after filling the jugs which I did put into 3 twelve ounce bottles, but how nice not to deal with all those individual bottles.
The batch: Wheat Stout. It sorta looked liked Starbucks coffee going down the filler tube, but it sure smelled good.
The amber ale is a nice coppery color, with a fairly hoppy fragrance, and is next in line for the jugs.
I have 6 jugs and 2 taps. If this works out good I will have to get more.
Thanks to Hog On Ice for the inspiration!

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