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Monday, November 15, 2004

If the White House cabinet were a poker hand

"I fold"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell .... announced his resignation in a letter released on Monday saying it was time for him to return to private life.

The White House also released letters of resignation from Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham ...., Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman and Education Secretary Rod Paige.

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Worried about their jobs? Probably not.
Seriously, when I was living in Wyoming, somewhere around the age of 12-15, I had a friend who's dad was the mayor. He obviously must have thought he wanted the job, or had been to convinced to run for it, but he was elected. Now the town was no big city by any stretch of the imagination, maybe a population of 5,000 or so
in the incorporated area, but it was the largest of the towns in the small farming community where I lived. The hub of retail and community activity, the location of the local newspaper (of which the dad was also the Editor in Chief), the junior high and high school, etc.
I would stay at my friends' house overnight where we would be working on a science project or just some contraption we wanted to try and make, as we considered ourselves very avid inventors/fabricators.
It never failed. maybe once or twice an evening but usually more often than that, the doorbell would ring. Neither my friend nor anyone else his family would bother answering the door. Not even move. I asked why, and they said that because of the smoke bombs and rings with no one there, they wouldn't answer the door until either the caller rang a second time or actually knocked on the door.
And that was just the times
when I was there, and it annoyed me. They had to deal with it all the other days when I wasn't there. The dad had too much integrity to up and quit, but he said he would never run for any public office again, and he didn't.

I don't blame those folks for saying enough is enough. They've served their stint and now they want to move on. They've probably had enough public attention, criticism and pressure, and would like to go back to leading a more private and gratifying life.
Well, I say good job and good luck.

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