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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Political? Nyet!

Dammit. I can't help myself. I hate discussing politics and yet sometimes I feel compelled to at least rant. Even if I'm ranting to the blog and no one in particular.
Californians (and when I say 'Californians', I mean the leftist, nanny, tree-hugging, granola-crunching, smoke-free-unless-you're-out-in-the-smog, hippie, Berkley types, not the handful or normal human beings) have all of a sudden decided they want the constitution ammended/changed to enable Arnold to run for president.
I think I could go on a while longer, but the fact that it's coming out of California really says it all.


John Howard said...

Since the "leftist, nanny, tree-hugging, granola-crunching, smoke-free-unless-you're-out-in-the-smog, hippie, Berkley types" are most likely Democrats (or something else non-Republican) and Arnold is a Republican, your post really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

curmudgeon said...

Sometimes I wonder if Arnie went republican just to piss of the family.
Frankly, I'm quite surprised he got elected in the first place as a republican in that state. But one way or the other, forget the political affiliation.

The deeper subject of the post is the fact that anyone who wants to ammend the constitution, just to elect someone who by virtue of the framework set up years ago by a very visionary group of people is ineligible, really needs to climb back up to their tree perch, unwrap another granola bar, crack open a bottled water and stay there. Get out of our face.

Ammendments to the constitution are necessary to suit the times, just as 'ammendments' to religious doctrine are necessary to suit the times.
People thousands of years ago could never have anticipated food preparation and treatments and so on, so they were not supposed to eat certain things. They would walk the same distance in a day or week that I sometimes drive to go to lunch.
But any changes to these documents and doctrines needs to be analyzed and enacted cautiously. They have future impacts we can never anticipate or possibly not even imagine.