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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

From the 'Get Over It' department

Good gawd. Get the fuck on with your lives already.
Bush was elected by the majority. He is our president. He will lead the country to the best of his ability.
He doesn't act alone either. The Senate and House are all part of the action. It's not like he single-handedly rules the country for shit's sake.
Whiney-assed crybaby idiots just can't seem to accept that Bush got elected and support him instead of bitching about it.
Look. In government as in life, you have two scenarios. Fight or Flight. Bitching gets you nowhere. If you chose to fight, you can either fight for or against. Most whiney-assed crybabies would rather chose flight. Go sit in a corner and pout about not getting their way.
Well, if you're really serious about the flight thing, here's help. If you can honestly blame 'W' and present justification for everything wrong with your life, then I suggest you do it. If he is indeed guilty of all these infractions, maybe he needs to be replaced. If he isn't, then you're just looking for someone's shoulder to cry on and finding a scapegoat for shortcomings of the rest of the government.
Hey, the Senate and House are elected positions too. You put them there. If you say something stupid like "There's nobody in office I voted for." then maybe you need to stand back and take another look at yourself. Does "I'm right and the rest of the world is wrong" mean anything to you?

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