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Monday, November 29, 2004

Coal Mining

Scant Chance of Survival for 141 Chinese Miners:
"Official figures show 4,153 coal mine deaths in the first nine months of this year, down 630, or more than 13 percent, from the same period last year."

4,153 in nine months. What is with these morons? I can't believe they would even work in one of those mines. The operators need to be jailed.
I worked in a coal mine for four years. You know how many deaths we had? Zero. I never heard of a coal mine fatality the entire time I worked in the mines. At least, none in the ones I worked in, or even the rest of the state.

488 coal mine related fatalities from 1992-2004 in the United States. China has roughly 10 times as many deaths in less than a year, than we had over a ten year period.

One would have to be totally crazy to work in a Chinese mine.

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