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Friday, November 19, 2004

Bu-Bye Ted Rall

The Washington Post drops Ted Rall.
WashingtonPost.com Drops Ted Rall's Cartoons: "Rall said he thinks the site dropped his work because of a Nov. 4 cartoon he did showing a drooling, mentally handicapped student taking over a classroom. 'The idea was to draw an analogy to the electorate -- in essence, the idiots are now running the country,' he told E&P."
What a dickhead.
Rall said he was dropped for one "boneheaded" drawing when WashingtonPost.com has "no problem with 99% of my work." He noted that the site could have pulled the one cartoon without canceling him entirely.
Good. I hope more follow suit.
He's such a greedy bastard.
There's just some things better left unsaid/undrawn, unless you're some vote whore on Fark playing around for entertainment. The rest of civilized humanity shouldn't have to be subjected to his self-serving bullshit.

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