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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And Now, From The 'Get A Life' Department

Grocery baggers to compete in Las Vegas :

AP - Mon Sep 11, 4:56 PM ET

WATERFORD, Wis. - Victory may be in the bag for Lori Engel. Engel, an assistant manager at the Waterford Pick 'n' Save, has parlayed years of bagging know-how into $500, a trip to Vegas and a chance to compete in the National Grocers Association's Best Bagger Contest.
Now THAT'S something to aspire to.


Jean said...

so, does this mean she's fast... or, always puts the bread and eggs on top??

curmudgeon said...

I just think it means she has ... well, nothing to live for. She should just jump in front of the bus.
At that age, bagging groceries just ain't shit.